Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Screw Manny...

This guy is a cancer. You have to pay this mercenary loads of money just to play with effort. I'm strongly opposed to signing him. You can't argue that this guy can't produce, he can hit there's no doubt about it. But that's not what the Mets need. They need heart not talent. They already have plenty of talent it just I feel like their lacking a leader type character, someone who can be a great example of just how hard you have to play and how tough you have to be to be a ballplayer. Another reason is after Manny had shoved one of the Red sox's PR guys back when he was with the Sox, that ended his chances of being a Met. In recent years the Wilpons and Omar have shown they want to have a family freindly organization and signing a thug like Manny wouldn't fit that billing. The Mets can win the division and much more without him, but that doesn't mean this team doesn't need more help.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Help the offense...

Omar still continues to take his time when it comes to offseason moves, losing out to Lowe (ugh), to a division rival none the less. Just go get Perez again. My only concern is he's yet to pitch 200 innings in his career, but he's the best that's left. Then address the offense, give me a Nady or a Hudson or just somebody who could hit. Just put a new face on the field and in the clubhouse. We need a right handed bat badly. If it wasn't for Omar acquiring Santana last offseason I would want his head right about now. I just hope this guy has something up his sleeve other than keeping a team together that has failed the past 2 years.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Omar it's a matter of a few million that your about to lose a consistent and legitamate number 2 starter that would be a perfect fit in the rotation to a hated division rival. I'm sick of this team acting like it's on food stamps. What's the back up plan? Oliver Perez aka Mr.Inconsistency or Ben Sheets who's held together by duck tape. Quit fucking around and get the deal done.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smoltz close to deal with Red Sox

This kills me. I always wanted John Smotlz on the Mets. Ok, fine he's coming off of Major surgery, and he won't pitch till june. However, this is one of the few active pitchers that I would pick to pitch a game with my life on the line. He's been so nasty over his entire career but most of all has always carried himself with so much class and had so much respect for the game. On top of that he was willing to come to the Mets, aswell as the Tigers, Red Sox and Braves. It looks like the Red Sox are only giving him 1 year with 5.5 million. It sounds stupid but I would go to 10 million on a 1 year to get this guy because I strongly feel like he's going to have a monster second half. I absolutley love the deal for the Red sox though, as it screams low risk, VERY high reward. Easily one of my favorite players when he's not blowing through the Mets line up and he's one of those last few active legends that everyone loves watching. Great signing if it goes through.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mets need Millar...

When I think of the Mets lack of heart (which by the way is the most important quality in baseball) I think of a perfect solution; Kevin Millar. Who is a free agent and still isn't signed. This was a guy who was the leader of the 2004 Red Sox team that was one of the toughest and grittiest squads this decade has seen. I drool when I think of this teams capabilities when their a little more willing to give 150% all the time. On the stat side of things, this guy still has plenty of pop, hitting over 20 homeruns last year, and would be perfect for a bench role on this team. He could spot Delgado against lefties and he can still play the outfeild. I really feel that after a #2 starter what this team should bring in is more heart and Kevin would be an awesome presence in the clubhouse.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Note to Jets: Think Defense

When the Jets are looking for a coach they should keep in mind that a great defense can take a team all the way ala 2001 Ravens. You always see teams like the Steelers and the Patriots with these great defenses year in and year out in the playoffs. If I'm Woody I'm going after Rex or Spags to help the defense be the one constant on this team. If the Jets had to switch to a 4-3 by obtaining a diffrent coach, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Coleman is terrible anyway and Gholston could take his place as a sick 4-3 pass rusher. Then all the Jets would have to do is get a tackle. And Gholston isn't the only end that doesn't play end so they have flexibility. Whatever happens it should be an intresting next couple of weeks.