Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smoltz close to deal with Red Sox

This kills me. I always wanted John Smotlz on the Mets. Ok, fine he's coming off of Major surgery, and he won't pitch till june. However, this is one of the few active pitchers that I would pick to pitch a game with my life on the line. He's been so nasty over his entire career but most of all has always carried himself with so much class and had so much respect for the game. On top of that he was willing to come to the Mets, aswell as the Tigers, Red Sox and Braves. It looks like the Red Sox are only giving him 1 year with 5.5 million. It sounds stupid but I would go to 10 million on a 1 year to get this guy because I strongly feel like he's going to have a monster second half. I absolutley love the deal for the Red sox though, as it screams low risk, VERY high reward. Easily one of my favorite players when he's not blowing through the Mets line up and he's one of those last few active legends that everyone loves watching. Great signing if it goes through.

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