Tuesday, January 6, 2009


According to reports today, it turns out the Mets are not going to up their offer of 3 years, 36 million to Derek Lowe. Well what else is new? The Mets are a big market team in the biggest market town and they should act like they are. Lets just make this guy happy for the love of God. He just put up a 3.2 era last year and he deserves a little more respect than Omar trying to snag him with the lowe ball (I know its lame but I had to) offer. I'd say make it 3 years 42 million with a possible 4th year mutual option and the Mets got him. But they just can't mess around when a team like the Braves could swoop in and take him(which would be absolutley deveasting). Is this really the way Omar wants to start a relationship with a possible Met, by pissing him off. Stop playing games Omar and start fixing a team that failed the past 2 years.

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